The FUSION Conference is coming to Waterloo this year, June 22, 23, 24, 2018.

The presenters are:

Peter Powning

Samantha Dickie

Garth Clark


Please take a moment to follow the links and see the extraordinary learning experience that will unfold at our doorstep.

FUSION’s Conference Registration Page can be found here:

On it, you will find the detailed itinerary for the whole weekend, and registration links to the events taking place at Wilfrid Laurier and Knox Presbyterian Church.

If the FUSION Conference is a new thing for you, I’ll describe briefly what you can expect…



1-4pm you can attend a marketing seminar taught by Garth Clark. If you don’t know him by reputation, please check out the link beside his name. He has had galleries of contemporary ceramics in NYC, LA, Kansas City and London UK where he and his partner Mark del Vecchio curated over 500 exhibitions over 27 years. He has written dozens of books including the Artful Teapot, How Envy Killed the Crafts Movement, and Mind Mud: The Conceptual Ceramics of Ai Weiwei. This is Garth’s final speaking tour, this is your chance.

5-7pm there will be an exhibition opening at the Robert Langen Gallery at Wilfrid Laurier, showcasing the work of FUSION’s Emerging Artists.

7pm- is the gala reception for the "Then, Now, and Next” 25 Year Anniversary Exhibition at the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery, featuring the work of 6 Canadian artists working in clay & glass, including major installations by FUSION Conference presenters: Peter Powning and Samantha Dickie.


9am-4:30pm Peter Powning and Samantha Dickie will share the stage, each demonstrating their long practised techniques for their work in ceramics and speaking with each other and the audience about their personal philosophies and career practices.

LUNCH AND COFFEE BREAKS are provided to all attendees both days.

6pm Dinner at Knox Presbyterian Church (across from the Clay & Glass) is hosted this year by the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery and serves as the annual conference banquet.

8pm Garth Clark takes the podium to deliver the keynote address entitled A Necessary Irritant: Garth’s 50 Year Journey with his Muses


9am-4pm Peter and Sam will continue with their weekend of demonstrations and discussion.

LUNCH AND COFFEE BREAKS are provided to all attendees both days.



Peter Powning was one of the FUSION Conference presenters exactly 20 years ago. Of the 40 or so FUSION Conference presenters I have watched (over 25 years of attending conferences), Peter delivered more practical teaching in 2 days than anyone else I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. It was like a full week’s course. Please don’t miss it.

THE PINS have been delivered and are possibly the best ones ever. This year it’s designed in the likeness of a Peter Powning raku vase, on display in the Then, Now, and Next exhibition at the Clay & Glass.  All conference attendees receive one of these pins, sponsored this year by Tucker’s.

All presentations will be in the wonderful, tiered, amphitheatre, room 1001 in the Science Building, and there will be cameras on each presenter, projected onto large screens.

There is a vendor’s room with major and minor industry suppliers, selling a wide array of their products, many at special conference prices. There is also a Silent Mug Auction (proceeds support the FUSION Award Program and the FUSION Scholarship Fund).

If you’d like any more information on how to register or what to expect, please send me a note.

Hope to see you there,

Judy Donaldson

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