Slab Techniques – Handbuilding

Take a deeper look at constructing clay work from slabs

by Hette Hillsdon

Tuesday, April 2 to 23

evenings from 7:30pm to 10pm

Cost: $86.02

Minimum 7 students, maximum 8 students

  1. Tumblers & mugs
  2. Lidded boxes
  3. Stretched, textured slabs...vases and wall pieces
  4. Patchwork - bowls, platters, "extra attachments..."

Participants please bring these items:

  • Your usual stoneware or porcelain clay
  • Hand building tools to cut and texture slabs (rolling pins would be helpful)
  • Paper or cardboard (large cereal boxes...), pencil, ruler, geometric compass for making patterns
  • Bisque or plaster molds (bowls or platters) would be useful for class 4

Please sign up on the sheet provided in the Member Classes drawer in the Workshop kitchen.  Please secure your spot in the class by leaving a post dated cheque.  Thanks.